Welcome to the art of Ian Ibæk Møller

I do alot of creative stuff like illustrations, comics, art and multimediadesign. I draw a few different styles please checkout the gallery for more. Mostly vikingart, Rock n Roll, comic style, fantasy.
To make my illustrations i often use pencil, for sketching and ink for rendering.
The colors is sometime made with watercolor or acrylic.
I also doing the colorising and manipulation digitally.


I started at the comic studio "Tegnestuen Fort Kox". In 1995 located in Copenhagen.
Spending alot of time drawing comics and illustrations. I made a few comic albums.
I was a member of Fort Kox for about ten years and took a new path in 2004.
Today I have my own atelier, where I create my art.

Please take a look at my contact details for more info.